How Bullet The Pig Came To Live With US

So ya’ll this is the story of how Mr. Bullet my 70 lbs potbelly pig came to live with us. So a friend of ours. His name is Jeff. His daughter works at a vet. So he calls me and says, Mandy I know you have animals on your farm. He does not have animals. And his daughter just called him all upset because someone has brought in this pig to be euthanized because they cannot keep him anymore. And she is so upset. She wants to save this pigs life. So my first question is what kind of pig? Oh it’s just a cute little potbelly. Now ya’ll remember that LITTLE. LOL. Now it’s important for everyone to know I did not currently have any pigs. NOPE. But all I hear is cute little potbelly and I am sold. I was picturing this little precious pig that needed to be saved and loved. Here I am buddy. Your rescuer. I will love you and cuddle you. Oh I was giddy. So of course I say YES. Bring him here. Now I did not tell hubby I was doing this. I was just like he is going to love him. He is going to be just a cute peanut. HA!So Jeff tells me he will be here in about an hour. So I turn into a ninja and start throwing together this little pen he can stay in. You know just something temporary.  I used chicken wire. Boy of Boy. Yep thats not going to work. Now I am so proud of the temporary shelter. Yep. Walking around patting myself on the back. I’m a farmer ya’ll. I built a pig pen in 30 minutes. I am unstoppable. I am not even going to try to hide it, I was cocky.  I am going to have a pig. I am ready. 
Now hubby was in the house taking a nap. He works 3rd shift and had NO idea what his bob the builder wife was up too. So Jeff pulls up to the house. I am literally jumping up and down like a kid at the ice cream truck. I just kept saying where is he where is he. Well Mr. Pig was in the back of the truck in a large dog cage that was covered up. My first thought was god that is a really big cage. WOW. But maybe that is all they had. So as I danced my way to the back of the truck. They uncover the cage. HOLY MOTHER OF PIGS. I stop dead in my tracks. I mean dead stop. Pulled the E-Brake. It takes a few seconds for me to process what I am seeing. Now have you ever watched the discovery channel and you see those crazy wild boars trying to attack and kill people. YEP ladies and gentleman. This crazy man has brought a crazy wild boar to my house to kill me. All that can escape my lips are what is that? I mean seriously what is that? That is not the cute cuddly LITTLE potbelly you described. This is from the Mountains of the jungle and is ready to attack. Are you serious! It has Tusk! Not teeth TUSK! OMG my husband is going to kill me. If this pig doesn’t. He is going to FREAK out. My god. I am freaking out. This pig is HUGE. So Jeff explains that he was told incorrect information. YOU THINK! And that he did not know until he arrived to pick up the pig. DUDE. He goes on to explain that this gigantic bacon killer was a pet and that he became to big and the person could no longer keep him. So was taking him to the vet. And that he was a super nice PIG. Obviously his listening skills are compromised so I am not believing him. Oh god. What do I do. I can’t keep him. But I don’t want him to die. At least not yet. This is not happening. He has unloaded the dog crate and this pig has a leash. So he walks on a leash. Ok maybe this will not be so bad. So he puts this leash on this pig and attempts to escort him to the pig pen that will obviously NOT work. That was for a cute cuddly potbelly. This pig is Pumbaa from The Lion King. That lives with LIONS!  He even has a Mohawk. A Mohawk. That means he is a bad ass. So Jeff gets about 3 steps when this pig goes crazy! Thrashing around pulling Jeff all over the place. Swinging his body around like he is spaghetti. OH Crap! At this point I am screaming and running away. Jeff is yelling. I run and grab the cage. The pig will not go back in the cage. This is horrible. I am going to be mauled by a pig. Finally this squealing meat brick calms down. I run and get an apple and we are able to get him back in the cage. We pick up the cage. Groaning the entire time. This pig is sticking heavy. What am I thinking. What am I doing. I am way out of my element. We are able to get the cage inside the baby pig pen. Yep! Hubby is going to kill me. Now just so you know this entire time I am yelling and using language I will not share with you all. Asking him what he was thinking of bringing that beast here. I can’t keep this. I have never cared for a pig. Let alone a Lion King Pig. He tells me he can’t take it back. So this entire process about an hour has passed. So the Lion King Pig is in the “yeah not going to hold me” pen. He is breathing hard and the poor buddy looks scared to death. HE looks scared. I AM scared. So I go and get some fruits and water from the house. I tell Jeff let me go in by myself. And I go into the pen with this pig. Now I am scared. knees wobbling, hands shaking. I see this poor buddy shaking himself. And my heart just goes out to him. He has no idea what is happening. So I go in and open the dog cage. I sit on the ground in front of him. I offer the water and fruit to him. And this poor Lion King Pig walks out and ever so gently takes the fruit from my hand. And drinks the water. Now he is very skittish and do not worry I absolutely do not trust this pig and there is no way I am turning by back toward him. But in that moment. I can’t explain it. And ya’ll might think I am crazy. But I just knew. I knew he was a good boy. I could just sense it. His eyes had such emotion. I know I know sounds crazy. But I knew! Holy CRAP! I forgot about hubby. I look up and he is walking toward the back yard. Oh god. He is going to freak out. Jeff comes up to the pen and says, Ok well I am leaving. OH NO YOUR NOT! You got me into this you are facing hubby with me! So Rob (hubby) gets closer and closer. And I can see he is not sure what is going on. And just when he sees the pig. Well words were said… Lots and Lots of words. For about 20 minutes. Lots of stomping around and pacing back and forth and pointing at the pig. And here I am just 15 minutes prior scared to death. Now pleading and begging. Please please let’s keep him. Let’s just do a trial to see how he does. He just keeps saying, do you see how big he is. He’s really big. Well ya’ll I have the BEST husband. He Let’s the pig stay. And all three of us start to build a real pig pen that will hold him. I am happy to report that we have had Mr. Bullet for almost a year! He is the stud of the farm. He has the best personality and has always been so gently with us. He has NEVER be aggressive. And we are all just smitten with him. He is our buddy. And this is his forever home! And I will NEVER say YES to Jeff again! And if you were interested in what breed he is, he is a Japanese Pot Belly and if I am being honest he weights closer to 90 lbs. He is very spoiled and very loved.. Welcome home Buddy!


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