Can You Feel The Burn?

Ok. So I have come to the conclusion that farm life is trying to kill me. So Tennessee was hit by some severe storms this past few days and due to this we have had some serious damage to our trees. I am happy to report that the animals are all ok. All of our coops and shelters survived with very minimal wind damage. That being said our yard looks like the amazon forest floor. I literally need lumberjack gear just to walk across the yard. Tree limbs sticking out everywhere. It is like a live action jungle gym.  Can I step here without being shanked by a stick. Nope. Keep moving. Well we have actually had a break in the monsoon season and it actually stopped raining! I know I can’t believe it. I saw the sun. It was a glorious sight. By the way. That is gone now. It was only a short tease. So we decided to take advantage of this rare moment and get out there and pick up the limbs and branches. We designated a burn pile and started placing the limbs and branches into this pile. Now it was not a perfect fire pit. Just an area that was clear enough to make a space to start the fire. We are about three hours in, collecting and picking up the debris. I am not going to lie ya’ll. I am too old for this. My back is aching and legs are throbbing. Who knew bending over ten thousand times was so hard. Yeah I did. And it just sucks. At this point I am not sure I can stand up straight. With every bend over my body is cracking worse than these branches. Now, let me go back just a bit. Do you all know those absolute fantastic soft comfy fuzzy socks you wear in the winter. You know the ones that hug your feet and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yep those ones. Well It was just a bit chilly out in the morning when we started so I put those socks of comfort and goodness on to keep my feet warm and placed my mud boots on over those. Now it is not cold enough for me to wear jeans. I need flexibility with all of this movement I am doing. So I throw on a pair of leggings. You know the ones you should not wear in public but you do anyway. So we have made at least a million trips back and forth from various parts of the yard to the fire pit. Ok so maybe not a million but it is sure starting to feel like it. If you want to see the finished product check out my Instagram page at Heart N Soil Farm for pics. My husband Rob has been out there with me all morning. This is definitely a team event. Now let me point out we are in the front yard. And all of our neighbors have had the same idea to take advantage of this glorious day and get some yard work done. After a few more trips back and forth I feel a small sting on my leg. Just inside my boot down by my ankle. And of course my first thoughts are just great. Stinking ants. And the ants here. they do not play. They come packing with there own weapons. The will jack you up. And not think twice about it. So I am thinking they got me. So I start to swat at my boot. Now this is followed within seconds of extreme stings and burning. I mean seconds. And my leg is on fire with pain. 
I start jumping around and kicking off my boot. HOLY crap guys. I am really on friggin fire! Rob comes running toward me asking what is wrong. But I am in a full panic mode at this point and cannot talk. You remember those lovely socks I referenced to earlier. Those socks I spoke so highly of. They have now turned into socks of death. I am guessing that as I was throwing more limbs onto the pile that an ember flung out and of course for the first time in my life I got a hole in one. Well these socks were thick and I did not feel the burning flames of hell creeping up my leg. And now the socks have started to melt my leggings. They have turned into death traps.  I am screaming hitting at the socks and it is not working. The pain is starting to intensify. Dear sweet baby Jesus I am going to burn my leg off. Without thinking I am now ripping the socks off and ripping the leggings off. I am on the ground at this point. For god’s sake. I need to take the other boot off to get these off my body. Here I am rolling around on the ground trying to tear my pants off to free my body from the fire. I finally get free and am checking on my leg to see the damage. I already have blisters starting. And as I finally look up my husband is standing there mouth open just looking at me and not believing what he had just witnessed. And says you were on fire! Well no kidding Nancy Drew. And at this time I realize I am practically naked from the waist down. Mud and dirt all over my butt and legs. Neighbors are literally standing in there yards looking at us. I can only imagine what they are thinking. As I stand up Rob goes to hand me his jacket. And I look around and say nope! They got a show let’s finish it. And I walk ,half limp into the house to tend to my leg. Dirt butt in full view!Today’s lesson. Fuzzy socks tried to kill me! 


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