My Fear Lit Up

Ok ya’ll let me start off by saying this is Crazy. 
Now let me just say, I do not believes in ghost or spooks. Ok maybe I feel 75% accurate with that statement. Fine, when it is dark out 50%. But I can say from first hand experience I have never seen or experienced anything related to this topic. Guess what? Still hasn’t happened. But boy oh boy did it try. Oh it tried ya’ll. I am still freaking out. My hands are still shaking. I can hardly hold them still. I swear if I try to speak nothing will come out. Maybe a small pep of lasting fear. I can still see the hairs on my arms standing up. Ya’ll I am shook! I know their is no longer danger but I still can’t shake the feeling. You all know that feeling right. The one that has your adrenaline going. Your senses on point. Your shirt starting to get saturated by sweat. Yep that’s the feeling I am fighting to recover from.And let me just say when I recover. Mr. Robert is really getting a talking too. So let me back up and tell you what happened. It was a typical day on the farm. We are in full swing here in Tennessee. I have a few things planted in the garden beds. I have so many plant starts I can’t even count. We are prepping garden beds to be planted. And we have added additional animals to the farm. So busy to say the least. And like I said nothing out of the ordinarily. I did not attempt any type of seance to evoke the evil for god’s sake. I cleaned a chicken coop and changed bedding on my pigs. As the day draws to a close I am getting everything put to bed for the night. That is including myself. So into bed I go. Thinking is was a good day. Lot’s accomplished. Around 2AM. I had to go to the bathroom. Now not to get to personal on you. But when I get up in the middle of the night. I always turn on the bathroom light. We have a dimmer on it so I always keep it on low at night. So there I am doing my business. I had to pee ya’ll. At first I was not sure if I heard it. Wait. Quiet. Listening. I heard it. I freeze. Nothing moving at all. I did hear it. Holy Crap! What was it? Still not moving. Maybe it was outside? There is a window in the bathroom. NOPE. OMG. Now I am at DEFCON 9.  I haven’t even wiped yet. I mean seriously though. Do I finish and wipe? Do I just run? These are the things I am thinking. Do I announce it with no sudden movements? I hear it again. It is a voice. A scary voice. With bits of maybe static in it. In and out sounds I cannot make out. And it is so quite. Like a evil whisper with a smile behind it. This is when the hairs on my neck and arm stand up. Gripping me with fear. I stay in that position for a few moments, I can not tell you how many. But moments. And than without even thinking about it I JUMP and Dash out of the bathroom. I am in my room. Hand on my chest trying to control my breathing. WHAT DO I DO. Robert (hubby) is at work. It is just myself and daughter here. And there is something scary trying to eat me in my bathroom. Or steal me. Or who know what! I just know what I heard. I run into the kitchen and living room and turn on the lights. And I just stand. I just listen. Nothing. I move slightly back toward my room. SHHH. Slow down my breathing. Just listen. Ya’ll I am freaking out. I mean. What do I do. Who do I call. Rob is hours away. I am not going to lie. I did google Ghost Busters. They have a number. But not in my area. Still quiet. I move back into my room. Still nothing. I really do not want to go back into the bathroom. I am sure something is going to grab me. I don’t want to be grabbed. Why seriously why does this have to happen now! I don’t like being brave. Ok here I go. I have to push through and figure this out-My pep talk to myself-This is your house and you can do this. NOPE! Ya’ll this is different. No Friggin Way. This is not a stinking scare crow. Scare Crow looks like a Disney princess now. Something spoke. That’s a whole other level. I can. I can go into that bathroom. One step. Here I go. Next step. I am outside the bathroom. I listen so deeply I HOLD my breath. Next step. I am inside the door. SHHH. I hear something. STOP! Don’t run. Hold my ground.I hear it again. Like several low voices. I listen closer. They are coming from the mirror area. It is such an abnormal scary sound. With bits of static that I continue to hear. Next step toward the mirror. I am still scared. But now I have an emotion of curiosity? Those two emotions together suck. I step closer. Listening honing in on the noise the voice. As I get closer to the mirror I hear it coming from the lights. And as I glace at the lights I see it. Are You Kidding ME!!! Let me just say I will keep this PG. But the words that left this body. They were not Holy. A small back story. About a month ago my husband came home with a new device. He was so excited. It is a light bulb and you can place it anywhere and it turns into a speaker. We have never used it yet. Our plans were to put it in our kitchen when we have company for background music. Not for the voices of the evil one’s who want to eat and steal me from my bathroom.  So as I look up I see that bulb. It looks different from all the others. I just stop. I reach for the bulb and unscrew it. My husband must have used this in the bathroom today. WITHOUT TELLING ME!So the scary evil Mandy eating voices I heard are from the speaker. It was picking up interference. I am so mad. I seriously thought I was being eaten and snatched and it’s a light bulb? I did not just save my house from an evil invasion, I saved it from a light bulb. I just can’t. AND he is not even home! I am going to bed! And the light bulb is in the garage. 


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