Clover The Pig Rides In A Semi-Truck

After 17 years of marriage. I think I can honestly say I am one super lucky girl! I do not think me husband can say NO to me! Or he has finally come to terms if he says No well, I kinda just do it anyway. So I was on on Facebook. Ya know not looking for anything of importance. Just scrolling and liking. You all know the drill. Scroll, Like, and sometimes Ok that is funny. So sharing that! So here I am scrolling around. And all of the sudden what do I see. Oh my goodness. The absolute cutest baby pigs. I have a whole grinch moment! Seriously. My heart grew 10 times. They were just so tiny and snuggly. I just had to have one. I just had too. I message the lady to get information on these adorable little bacon bits. I found out she lives in McMinnville. That is about 4 hours away from me! Four hours! Crap! I can’t drive four hours! I swear I thought I was going to cry. I mean I had a full on tantrum. I just know of those precious babies wanted to live with me. I was so sad. And than Wait! I have a moment. My husband drives a semi-truck for a living. Go drives to several locations on different days of the week to complete unload. Now I do not keep up with his location or drop sites. He delivers all over Tennessee. But I do remember he has spoken about McMinnville and having to drop there. So here I go! Nancy Drew is on the case. So of course I can’t just come right out and ask! I mean he would know I was up to something. So over the course of the next few days. I am full of spy games. 007 has nothing on me. So I am asking little questions, you know nothing to give away my scheme. And with my super spy skills. I find out YES!  He goes to McMinnville to unload. Yippie! Woot Woot. Now time to set the trap. LOL. Ok not trap. Just set things in motion. OK OK it’s a trap! So I contact the seller of my future piggie smalls. And get everything set-up. Now I am a good wife. Yes I am plotting something, but I will not allow it to directly affect his job. They have to unload for a few hours and I do not want him to have to take care of a baby pig while he is working, but after that is free game! So I tell her what day he is in her area. I let her know that he is not able to drive to her due to being in a semi-truck but could she deliver baby pig to him. She said YES! woot woot. His unload site is super close to where she lives! I am giddy at this point in time. Can you all picture my excitement? So everything is set. Location check, Drop off time check, Paid check. Now all I have to do it tell Hubby. No check. How am I going to pull this off. But I love her already. And I haven’t even met her yet! You can’t turn your back on love right? So the night before, I dropped the news on hubby. After I explained everything to him ya’ll he just stood there. Looking at me like I was crazy. His first response was Mandy you know I am in a semi truck right! How am I going to bring a pig home in a semi. Now I was prepared. I had practiced my answers. I already knew the questions.Here I go!I told him honey, Don’t worry there is nothing you need to do. She is bringing piggy in a box. She will have food and water. She is just going to ride with you. Again. Yep. He just stands there staring at me. His next question. Is it legal to even have a pig in a truck. Well, I don’t know! But I did not tell him this. Honey, I see people with dogs and cats all the time in their trucks!  This pig is smaller than a kitten. She will not be any trouble at all. I am sure she will sleep the entire trip. No words have ever been spoken that were more untrue. So off to work hubby goes. I am so excited! My little girl is coming home. I was in constant contact with the seller and she dropped her off right on time. I called hubby to see how the hand off went. He said that they were very nice and that my new piggy which I have now named Clover was in the seat next to him sleeping. Phew! Thank goodness. Well that did not last long. About 20 minutes later I get a call from hubby. He is literally freaking out. And all I can hear in the background is Clover squealing. I am at this point trying so hard not to let him hear me laughing. Oh my poor hubby. He just keeps asking what is wrong with her. I tell him maybe she is scared. And he just needs to give her some love. And I wish him luck. Well 15/20 minutes go by with no calls. That is a good sign. Another 20 minutes go by. Still no call. And then I get a picture sent to me. Hubby has his hand in the box resting and Clover is snuggled up into his palm. My heart just melted! Well let’s just say they bonded on the road trip. When he got her home and I took her. He kept asking where she was and that she did not need to be left alone. He wanted to hold her. Ya’ll that is my hubby. What a good man. So I am happy to report that Ms. Clover is spoiled beyond belief. And loved by the entire family. And now she is a world traveler. She goes everywhere with me. She goes to the stores and always ends up getting treats. Everyone just adores her. She even has a princess bed she sleeps in. All I can say is that she is “Some Pig” ;)And I have the best Husband!


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